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  1. Michael Stowe, PhD
    Michael Stowe, PhD

    University of St. Francis

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  3. Rita Borzillo, Esquire
    Rita Borzillo, Esquire

    Eastern University

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  • Laura Erskine, PhD

    RE: Performance Evaluation - HBR Article

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    I thought this was a great article and really drilled down to the key point...

  • Donald Zimmerman, PhD

    Agenda for pre-conference session

    Posted in: Online Program Directors...

    Thanks to all who contributed to the agenda for our pre-conference session! ...

  • Katherine Marconi, PhD

    RE: Performance Evaluation - HBR Article

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    UMUC is reconfiguring all of its programs. In the Graduate School we have...


Lucinda Flowers

Program from the 2015 AUPHA Leaders Conference

Jessie Tucker, III

Dr. Tucker presents to both academics and practitioners about the value of big data analytics to minimize...

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Chair Blog: Tom Vaughn

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    From the Chair

    Greetings and Happy New Year, 2015! I have to admit that I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions....

CEO Blog: Gerald Glandon

  • Gerald Glandon, PhD

    Thanks for your input. We listen!

    Now that Leaders Conference is completed and the March Board meeting is history, I thought that...

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  • Jaime Stephens, CMP

    Program News: University of Alabama at Birmingham

    The Exchange

    A record 38 universities, including more than 200...

  • Jaime Stephens, CMP

    Program News: The Ohio State University

    The Exchange

    The Ohio State University College of Public Health,...