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By Diane Marie Howard, PhD, MPH posted 04-17-2017 10:46


Thanks to the Graduate Program Committee!

Special thanks to Cindy Watts, chair, Brad Beauvais, Shannon Elswick, Joan Murdock, Wes Rohrer, Dennis Stillman, Cynda Tipple, Tom Vaughn, Leah Vriesman, Miriam Weismann, and Demetria Wilhite for organizing an extended Leaders Conference during ACHE’s Annual Leadership Meeting on March 28 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel. AUPHA members requested a longer meeting format and you delivered on an excellent meeting.

The theme Challenges and Successes in Identifying and Preparing Healthcare Leaders: A View from the Field highlighted the work of our practitioner faculty and what they bring to the classroom. The practitioner faculty panel with Dennis Stillman, Errol Biggs, and Martin Perlin, all having served in senior health management positions prior to their current academic roles, discussed how they recruit, retain, and involve practitioners in the classroom. Their panel was followed by Brad Beauvais, Christopher Johnson, and Suzanne Wood on bringing research scholarship to the field of practice and the negotiations required to deliver on the research proposal.

We were delighted to have Deborah Bowen, ACHE President and CEO, extend her welcome and opening remarks to over 300 attendees for the kick-off lecture with Halee Fischer-Wright, M.D., President and CEO of MGMA, who spoke from her New York Times bestselling book, Tribal Leadership. It was a great start to a 7:00 a.m. breakfast meeting because who doesn’t enjoy laughing and reflecting on tribal rituals and politics on the job. Our second keynote speaker, Christopher Reina, discussed Mindfulness at Work and how controlling your emotions in the workplace can facilitate employee engagement and organization performance. I must admit that most of us got stuck on his discussion of using mindfulness strategies in traffic. 

Leah Vriesman facilitated a luncheon discussion in-the-round on what programs are doing to develop student leaders through the curriculum and volunteer activities. Extensive notes were collected from each participating faculty table which are being prepared for distribution. Finally, we want to thank Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO of CAHME, for sharing his updates on the accreditation boot camp and the CAHME awards program.

Thank you, Graduate Program Committee, for taking the membership comments and producing an excellent event.

It’s that time again – Board Elections

As you know, we have five board vacancies and the Leadership Development Committee chaired by Christy Harris Lemak has an excellent cadre of candidates seeking board roles. We are delighted to see the membership’s interest in contributing to the Association that we all value. So, please look for your ballot prior to our AUPHA Annual Meeting so you can cast your vote.

We also received an outpouring of interest to serve on AUPHA committees and the Leadership Development Committee will be reconstituting the committees with new members. Thanks to all for continuing to invest in AUPHA.


Modern Healthcare’s Top 100 Most Influential in Healthcare

One of our goals this year was to get AUPHA recognized for developing the next generation of leaders. We have submitted Jerry Glandon as our national leader for the Top 100 listing. The nomination deadline is April 28. Senior Modern Healthcare editors begin judging the ballot of 300 top candidates from April 29 to May 6 with voting between May 22 and June 23. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get Jerry on the ballot. We will certainly keep you posted.


The History Book and Open Board Meeting

During our Board Meeting on March 27, Mike Meacham, chair of the History Project, introduced Kathleen Vega, the book editor. Kathleen and Mike discussed the project and introduced the authors of various chapters and the timeline for the project. The project includes chapters on the influence of business and medical schools, undergraduate programs, challenges and successes in diversity, women in management and AUPHA, accreditation and certification, global initiatives, collaborations, workforce development, and evidence-based management. Mike does not want to leave a topic or author out so if you are interested in being involved in the project, please contact Mike at

We had our first open Board Meeting to promote organizational transparency. Three AUPHA members expressed an interest in attending. We hope Don Donahue, Steven Howard, and Dan West got something out of the experience. We certainly enjoyed having their observations.


Maximizing Health Management and Policy Education through Inclusion and Innovation

Please plan to join AUPHA in Long Beach, CA for our June 14-16 annual meeting. Keith Benson, chair-elect, and the Education Planning Committee have planned a wonderful meeting. Josh Luke, the Pattullo Lecturer, who is an award winning futurist and AUPHA Forum speaker, Jonathan Jean-Marie, Vice-President and Administrator of Loma Linda University Medical Center, will speak on our meeting themes - inclusion and innovation. The practitioner panel will focus on Linking Practice and Academics through Innovation and Inclusion with John Bishop, Kelly Colopy, Brittany Whitaker, Savannah Humphreys, and Richard Trogman. Our own Julie Carmalt is back by popular demand with Vinyassa yoga. Our Friday evening event is the Queen Mary Tour. With site visits, global symposium, poster sessions, forums, town hall sessions, committee meetings, and workshops, the annual meeting promises to be our best meeting yet. See you in Long Beach.


Diane M. Howard, Ph.D., FACHE