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  1. Heidi Boerstler, DrPH
    Heidi Boerstler, DrPH

    University of Colorado Denver/Network for Healthcare Mgmt
    Denver, CO

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  2. Terry L Schmidt DrHA
    Terry L Schmidt DrHA

    University of California, Irvine
    Irvine, CA

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  • John Weir

    Undergraduate Research

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Good morning: We are considering involving undergraduates in research,...

  • Heidi Boerstler, DrPH

    RE: What is your first ethics assignment of the...

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Thank you LInda and Katie! How do your students view the Hanrietta...

  • Carol Molinari, PhD, MBA, MPH

    RE: What is your first ethics assignment of the...

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    I also ask my graduate students in US health care system to discuss informed...


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Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE

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Chair Blog: Ken Johnson

  • Kenneth Johnson, PhD, FACHE

    Spring 2014 Association Update

    You can get slides of the presentation Nancy Schlichting, CEO of the Henry Ford Health System,...

CEO Blog: Gerald Glandon

  • Gerald Glandon, PhD


    It is already starting to be fall and, for many, that means planning for the beginning of the school...

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  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    Call for Undergraduate Panel Reviewers and Chairs

    The Exchange

    Are you interested in becoming more involved...

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  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    AUPHA Welcomes New Individual Members

    The Exchange

    AUPHA is pleased to welcome the following individual...