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  1. Laurie Shanderson, PhD, MPA
    Laurie Shanderson, PhD, MPA

    Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

  2. Jason Turner, PhD
    Jason Turner, PhD

    Saint Louis University (g)

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  • Heidi Boerstler, DrPH

    RE: Thanksgiving 2014, The Simple Things

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Laurie Thank you! What a beautiful message Blessings to you ...

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    Population Health Challenges HIT, Quality Leade...

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Just read this article and since Population Health is the overall topic of...

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    RE: Course Credit for Case Competitions

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Hi Debra, This coming May will be our 7th annual "in-program" case competition....


Demetria Wilhite

Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE

Learn how to create a search that will find what you need. This tutorial explains how to used the...

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Chair Blog: Tom Vaughn

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    From the Board Chair

    First, I want to thank all of those folks who made the Annual Meeting a great success. As usual,...

CEO Blog: Gerald Glandon

  • Gerald Glandon, PhD

    From the President and CEO

    The Exchange

    Membership Why do you join AUPHA or any other professional organization? Members of AUPHA generally...

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  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    AHA's Institute for Diversity in Health Management seeking interns

    The Exchange

    The Institute for Diversity in Health Management,...

  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    How Does Your Program Compare in 2014?

    The Exchange

    AUPHA’s Benchmarking for Education in Healthcare...