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  1. Ganisher Davlyatov
    Ganisher Davlyatov

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

  2. Daniel Berman
    Daniel Berman

    Walden University

  3. Michael Morris
    Michael Morris

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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  • Christy Harris Lemak, PhD, FACHE

    RE: GENiE Conference B'ham May 2015

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Hi Heidi - I'm not sure, but I will find out. There are always papers that...

  • Lumbe Davis

    RE: Don't Go Into That House! Helping Students to...

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Thank you for sharing this. I am currently teaching a senior-level course...

  • Heidi Boerstler, DrPH

    RE: GENiE Conference B'ham May 2015

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Hello Christy, This sounds so terrific and thank you . Will there...


Demetria Wilhite

Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE

Learn how to create a search that will find what you need. This tutorial explains how to used the...

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Chair Blog: Tom Vaughn

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    From the Chair

    Greetings and Happy New Year, 2015! I have to admit that I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions....

CEO Blog: Gerald Glandon

  • Gerald Glandon, PhD

    2015 Leaders Conference: Big Data/Data Analytics

    Now that DC has finally passed through winter with our robust 4 inches of snow and temperature in...

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  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    AUPHA Welcomes New Program and Individual Members

    The Exchange

    AUPHA is pleased to welcome the following new program...

  • Lacey Meckley, CAE

    2015 Calls for Nominations

    The Exchange

    Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership ...