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  1. Erik Carlton, DrPH
    Erik Carlton, DrPH

    University of Memphis

  2. Michael Meacham, JD, MPH
    Michael Meacham, JD, MPH

    Medical University of South Carolina

  3. Christopher Johnson, PhD
    Christopher Johnson, PhD

    University of Louisville

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  • Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE

    clarification for program development survey

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    Leadership Books

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    I've enjoyed seeing the list of recommended books on leadership. One that...

  • Daniel Zismer, PhD

    Video: Medica Chief Clinic & Innovation Officer...

    Posted in: AUPHA Open Forum

    Greetings, The University of Minnesota invites you to view our recent...


Demetria Wilhite

Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE

Learn how to create a search that will find what you need. This tutorial explains how to used the...

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Chair Blog: Tom Vaughn

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    From the Chair

    Greetings and Happy New Year, 2015! I have to admit that I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions....

CEO Blog: Gerald Glandon

  • Gerald Glandon, PhD

    From the President and CEO

    The Exchange

    Membership Why do you join AUPHA or any other professional organization? Members of AUPHA generally...

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  • Jaime Stephens, CMP

    Program News: Medical University of South Carolina

    The Exchange

    MUSC College of Health Professions welcomes Two...

  • Jaime Stephens, CMP

    Program News: University of Minnesota

    The Exchange

    Our winter 2015 e-newsletter is available online....