HAMPCAS Releases its First Reports and Prepares for the Next Cycle

By Liane Kluge posted 02-15-2012 15:58


The Health Administration, Management, and Policy Centralized Application Service (HAMPCAS) is at the halfway point in its inaugural cycle. The web-based system enables prospective graduate students to submit a single, standardized application to multiple participating institutions and offers admissions staff a single portal to access applications and applicant data.

With the first cycle well underway, a variety of reports have recently been released via HAMPCAS that allow participating programs to summarize demographic information about, and academic performance for, their applicant pool. Historically only available at the end of an application cycle, the participating schools are now able to run the following reports at any time and compare the data against any segment of their applicant pool or against the aggregate of all HAMPCAS applicants:

      • Citizenship Status
      • Countries of Birth
      • Degree Awarded
      • Degree Expected
      • Ethnicities and Races
      • Gender
      • GPAs by Year
      • GPAs by Subject
      • Majors
      • State/Provinces of Residence

As we go to press, over 800 applications are in progress, 30 institutions are currently participating, and one-on-one webinars are being planned for those AUPHA members preparing to join in the new cycle. The HAMPCAS Advisory Committee is also in the throes of preparing for its second cycle along with the development team at Liaison International.

Along with several other enhancements to the application, the next cycle will be the start of official GRE scores being reported directly into HAMPCAS. The scores are currently self-reported with official test scores sent directly to the schools. It is AUPHA’s goal to ultimately work with as many of the testing organizations as possible on reporting official scores into the system.

The current programs participating in HAMPCAS represent not only the various geographic markets that the AUPHA member schools represent but also the many settings, such as health sciences, allied health, management/business, medicine, and public health. Participating schools are listed on the AUPHA website and the HAMPCAS website, and the system is being marketed in a variety of ways, including via the National Association of Advisors to the Health Professions (NAAHP), websites such as ExploreHealthCareers.org, and idealist.org, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and wherever AUPHA exhibits.

The AUPHA Full Graduate Members (CAHME-Accredited) in HAMPCAS are as follows:

      • University of Alabama at Birmingham
      • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
      • Cornell University
      • Georgetown University
      • Georgia State University
      • Governors State University 
      • University of Iowa
      • University of Miami 
      • University of Michigan 
      • University of Minnesota
      • University of Missouri—Columbia
      • Ohio State University
      • Rush University
      • Saint Louis University
      • Temple University
      • Texas A&M Health Science Center 
      • Texas Woman's University
      • Trinity University
      • Tulane University
      • Virginia Commonwealth University 
      • University of Washington—Seattle

AUPHA Associate and Associate Graduate Candidate Members in HAMPCAS are the following:

      • AT Still University
      • Carnegie Mellon University
      • Des Moines University 
      • University of Detroit Mercy 
      • Loyola University Chicago 
      • Montana State University—Billings
      • University of North Texas Health Science Center 
      • University of the Pacific
      • Winston-Salem State University

Participation in HAMPCAS is a free member benefit to AUPHA graduate member programs. To learn more or to participate, contact Liane Pinero-Kluge at the AUPHA headquarters at lianep.kluge@aupha.org, 703-894-0940 x110, or go to the AUPHA website for initial information.