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By Brian T Malec, PhD, LFHIMSS posted 06-21-2023 09:44

Welcome to the AUPHA Exchange.  As we look forward to the Annual Meeting in less than two weeks, the 75th anniversary makes me think back on my almost 45 years of engagement with AUPHA.  In the early years of AUPHA, we would meet in Washington, DC, where we would connect with health policy and meeting legislators.  Since then, AUPHA has become the big tent for health administration education and research.
My early mentors in health information technology were Charles Austin and Stuart Boxerman.  Both men inspired me in my academic research and teaching. AUPHA has provided me with continuous education, collaboration with colleagues, and the opportunity to learn about best practices which have improved my teaching.  The finale of my experience with AUPHA has been being the Board Chair during the 2022-2023 academic year.
AUPHA is an incredible value to those of us teaching future healthcare managers. The AUPHA leadership, staff, and the membership engagement bring innovative pathways for educational excellence and value to our programs, our students, our alumni, and the organizations that our alumni manage.
The 75th anniversary meeting is filled with exciting experiences for all of us including educational sessions, keynote speakers, social networking, and more.  It is very clear that AUPHA is “leading boldly into the future.”
It’s been an honor to be the Board Chair and I look forward to seeing you in National Harbor to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of AUPHA.
Brian T. Malec, PhD, LFHIMSS



06-22-2023 15:04

Thank you for your many years of service and leadership to AUPHA. I remember meeting many years ago through the HIMSS Academic Forum. Serving with you on the board has been a pleasure these past two years. Wishing you the very best in your next adventure, Cathleen

06-22-2023 14:59

Brian, thoughtfully said and especially so with the nod to those who helped you along the way. You are an excellent, steadfast leader and have mentored many of us along our way. Well done, Leigh

Brian, what a beautiful farewell letter.  Thanks for giving tribute to your mentors.  And thanks for your leadership as Chair.  Congratulations on a successful term, Diane.