Diversity > Implications of diversity on the business (financial and market positions) of a healthcare organization

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Learning Objectives:

Undergraduate students should be able to 
  1. Outline the ways in which diversity affects a healthcare organization’s business model and conduct
  2. Identify the financial impacts of diversity on a healthcare organization
  3. Explain ways in which diversity affects an organization’s strategic positioning for clients and workforce, both locally and globally
Graduate students should also be able to
  1. Explain the financial impacts of promoting diversity within organizations
  2. Analyze the strategic advantage of diversity within the organization as it affects the organization’s ability to compete locally for patients and workforce
  3. Analyze the relevancy of diversity to the organization’s ability to compete globally
  4. Synthesize the knowledge of the business implications of diversity to create effective strategic, financial and business plans for the organization
  5. Design marketing plans to maximize the organization’s service to a diverse clientele
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