Certification Documents


Sample Reports

Review the samples below to see what the different reports and worksheets look like. These are samples only and are not to be used to submit any certification reports. Programs under review will receive links to the online eligibility and self-study reports. 

Eligibility Report - The first step in the certification process is to determine eligibility. 

2019 AUPHA Undergraduate Eligibility Sample Report (PDF) - 

Eligibility Worksheets - Worksheets embedded in the Eligibility Report. 

Self-Study - Once a program is determined to be eligible to stand for certification, the program will receive a link to the online self-study. 

Undergraduate Certification Self Study Sample (PDF) (Revised 2017)

Self-Study Worksheets - Worksheets embedded in the Self-Study

Model Self Studies

Below are the self-studies of several certified programs that have successfully met the certification criteria. Review the models as a guide on how to complete a self-study.