Program News - University of New Hampshire

By Chris Anne Sanyer posted 07-31-2020 15:28


Beginning Fall 2020, the University of New Hampshire will offer two new online programs focused on health data science: a master’s degree in health data science (MSHDS) and a graduate certificate in health data science (GCHDS).

Housed within UNH College of Health and Human Services department of Health Management and Policy (HMP), these new programs will prepare students aspiring to enter the field of health data science and improve analytic skills for students looking to grow their current roles in the industry.

Data science continues to evolve at a rapid pace in all fields, with health care at the forefront. Experts in the field consider advanced analytic skills as essential for growth and evolution. In fact, the number one recommendation by The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is to increase the number of professionals in the health care field with advanced degrees.

Students of the MSHDS program will graduate with the necessary skills to function as health data science practitioners in a wide range of roles in the health care industry. Primary course topics include health data acquisition, management and cleansing tools, analytics tools and techniques in both large and small data types and sources as well as interpretation, design and presentation tools for health care data.

The MSHDS program places strong emphasis on developing a well-rounded, versatile health data practitioner with a deep understanding of all phases of health care data analysis, from programming to interpretation and presentation.

Graduates will understand and navigate the requirements and complexities of health care data unique to the United States Health System. Students will also develop the necessary skills of teamwork and presentation, including the ability to adapt in a dynamic, rapidly changing work environment and industry.

The new HDS programs are led by full-time UNH faculty with extensive experience in health data science and supported by academic and industry experts from various fields. Instructors provide ample opportunity to combine both professional and academic aspects of data science with coursework designed to uniquely apply the students’ course experience to their career goals.

Graduates can complete the 36-credit master’s program in 12 months, or the 12-credit graduate certificate in as little as 4 months. Courses are asynchronous so students may participate, view lectures, complete assignments, and access materials at any time, building their own study schedules to balance their work requirements and personal time. Applications are now being accepted for the fall eTerm beginning mid-August.

UNH Online fosters the growth of online courses and programs at the University of New Hampshire, making the high-quality courses offered by the school both convenient and accessible throughout New Hampshire and New England. In addition to these new health data science programs, UNH Online offers seven graduate certificates, seven master’s degrees, and a doctoral degree in nursing practice.

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