Faculty Forum Spotlight

By Chris Anne Sanyer posted 02-24-2021 15:47

Cultural Perspectives and Inclusive Excellence Faculty Forum
The AUPHA Cultural Perspectives and Inclusive Excellence Faculty Forum can help the academic community build an inclusive culture of development and productivity for all faculty by providing examples and tools on how to build higher performing organizations.

Chair: Lumbe Davis, Saint Leo University
Chair-elect: Jacqueline Wiltshire, University of South Florida

Distance Learning Faculty Forum
The Distance Learning Faculty Forum is an active and inclusive community designated for collaboration and creativity among faculty engaged in distance education, or interested in best practices. Whether you’re new to distance education, or a seasoned veteran, the Forum serves as a medium to disseminate information, enhance inter-institutional knowledge share/research, support program leadership, and learn and grow together!.

Chair: Eric Richardson, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Chair Elect: Wittney Jones, Northcentral University

AUPHA members are welcome and encouraged to join any Faculty Forum or Discussion Group of interest. Please view the How to Manage Your Communities and Participate in Discussions tutorial for more information.