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Next Journal of Health Administration Education Issue Available April 30th

By Chris Anne Sanyer posted 04-28-2021 09:30

The next issue of the Journal of Health Administration Education will be available on April 30th. It is a special COVID-19 issue. The issue includes:

  • Introduction to the Special Issue
    • Author: Friedman, Leonard
  • Guest Editors Perspective
    • Authors: Hewitt, Anne; Gambescia, Stephen; Kiel, Joan
  • The COVID-19 Fallout: Understanding Healthcare Management Student Perspectives on the Shift from In-Person to Remote Course Instruction
    • Authors: Louis, Christopher; Landry, Amy; Silvera, Geoffrey; Robbins, Julie; Shay, Patrick; Lee, Heather; Felix, Joel; Cave, Sarah; Fishman, Paul
  • Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic; MHSA Faculty Experiences
    • Authors: Brooks, Joanna; Cox, Glen; Averett, Ellen, Hughes, Dorothy
  • Using Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry to Modernize Curriculum and Transform Student Learning
    • Authors: Sriharan, Abi; Smith, Tina; Shea, Christine; Berta, Whitney
  • Teaching Online – Practical Success Strategies
    • Author: Marcus, Gail
  • Road Map to Remote Instruction During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    • Authors: Kaufman, Melissa; Stimpson, Jim
  • The COVID-19 Senior Experience in Clinical Leadership & Management; Practicum, Capstone, and Beyond
    • Authors: Kercsmar, Sarah; Clancy, Karen
  • What is the value of administrative fellowships in the era of COVID-19?
    • Authors: Robbins, Julie; Garman, Andrew; Boren, Sue; Haga, Rachel; Hall, Randa Smith; Killaly, Cathy; Simms, Jeffrey; Song, Paula
  • Maintaining Experiential Learning Continuity and Integrity During a Global Pandemic
    • Authors: McVicar, Kimberly; Bullard, Gail
  • Course-Based Innovations Including Teachable Moments
    • Authors: Linkov, Faina; Khanijahani, Ahmad; Akinci, Fevzi; Swanson-Biearman, Brenda
  • Student Job Readiness During a Pandemic
    • Authors: Howard, Diane; Howard, Joanne; Scott, Leodis
  • Managing and Conducting a Site Visit through Disruption
    • Authors: Bhavsar, Grishma; Yap, Glenn; Tombler, Ying; Esparza, Salvador; Turner, Jason; Howell, Jeremy
  • An Exercise Using a Social Ecological Lens to Understand the Vast Network of Stakeholders Required to Manage a Pandemic
    • Authors: LeRouge, Cynthia; Deckard, Gloria; Fruhling, Ann; Lyon, Victoria
  • Engaging with the Pandemic as an Essential Service of a University COVID-19 Crisis Response Task Force
    • Authors: Bensley, Robert; Bensley, Rebekah; Graber, Jessica; Brusk, John
  • A Case Study of MHA Faculty and Student Experiences in Adapting Learning Modality Options to Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Authors: Colfer, Brian; Johri, Nalin; Wagner, Stephen
Please visit the Journal of Health Administration Education page for access to this latest issue and to all digital issues.