AUPHA Mini-Grants: Request for Proposals

By Kristi Donovan, MS, CAE posted 09-06-2012 12:18

In June 2012 at the AUPHA Annual Meeting, the AUPHA Foundation announced the availability of grants to support the advancement of healthcare management education.  Proposals are now being invited for resources that would serve either or both of the following purposes:
  1. Proposals that inform the AUPHA Board of Directors about impending strategic issues that will significantly impact the future of healthcare management education (i.e, see the recent request regarding online teaching/distance education).
  2. Proposals for curricular resources that are of critical need and reflect the dynamic nature of healthcare management education, such as student and program assessments, simulation exercises, teaching assignments, etc. that can be made available to all AUPHA members.

Proposal Development:
Proposals should be no more than three pages in length and contain the following components:
  1. Background/Context: Briefly provide context for why this paper or project is needed.
  2. Proposal Goal/Deliverable(s): Identify the deliverable(s) that will be provided upon completion.
  3. Description of Project Plan: Your overall approach, including an outline of the project/paper and what you see as its main components/sections.
  4. Estimated Completion Date: If the project is funded, when will the deliverables be complete?
  5. Funding Amount Requested: Identify an amount, up to $3,000, that is requested to support development of the project/paper.
  6. Author(s): Provide contact information, and a description of the authors’ academic preparation for addressing the issue or developing the resource, including references to any previous relevant publications or research. Briefly describe why the author(s) is uniquely qualified to prepare this paper or develop this resource.
  7. Recent CV: Attach a recent CV for all named authors (not included in the page count)
 The AUPHA Foundation will provide up to $3,000 stipend to the selected author or team of authors.  Once accepted, a payment of $1,000 will be provided upon receipt of the first draft.  The second and final payment of $2,000 will be remitted upon acceptance of the final product.
AUPHA members are eligible to participate in the grant. Preference will be given to AUPHA Program Member faculty.

RFP Term:
Proposals will be accepted through September 1, 2013, and will be reviewed at the intervals specified below.  As funding is limited for the grants, the program may be terminated earlier than September 1, 2013 should all grants be awarded prior to that date.

Proposal Deadline & Submission Process:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for the AUPHA Foundation and the AUPHA.  All proposals must be submitted to Kristi Donovan at AUPHA via email at no later than the following dates:
  • February 4, 2013, for review at March 11 AUPHA Board meeting
  • May 15, 2013, for review at June 19 AUPHA Board meeting
  • September 1, 2013 for review at the October, 2013 AUPHA Board Meeting

Review Criteria:
Proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
  1. Does the proposal address a critical need for healthcare management education?
  2. Will the proposed deliverable meet the needs of a wide audience of AUPHA members?
  3. Does the proposal represent the development of a new piece of work rather than a repurposing of existing materials?
  4. Does the author(s) have a relevant background for development of the proposed materials?

Contact Kristi Donovan via email or at 703.647.7962.